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I am a storyteller....


The book form has a rich legacy as a vessel for the sacred and the profane, both honored and destroyed throughout our history. My love of text, image, ink, paper, cloth, thread and touch has drawn me to this form. I honor the preciousness of the one of a kind and the democratization of the limited edition. I am enchanted with the relative ease of multiples, the ephemeral quality of printed matter and the potential for viewer participation and interaction with the storyteller that the book invites. I am dedicated to keeping the craft of the book and the book as a physical object alive.

These artists’ books, prints and cards are all handprinted and hand bound. They are letterpress printed, using a Vandercook 219 Proof Press from 1954. The majority of the images are linoleum block prints, although other relief processes are also employed. Many of the printed surfaces are hand embroidered using silk, cotton and linen threads.